The Problem

Most startups struggle to develop products that attract user adoption, ultimately resulting in inadequate revenue and failure.

It’s the #1 reason why startups fail.

The Painful Consequences

Founders deplete their entire savings and, in the worst case, run into debt. Their motivation & dream of founding ends.

The Solution(s)

You are probably expecting to read “I’m the solution! Book me!”. Wrong. A problem can always be fixed by n solutions, and only a fraction of them truly solve the problem.

Founders have different preferences – some prefer learning from books, others by hands-on experience, and some by seeking guidance from experts. If the latter resonates with you, I’m eager to explore how I can be of service to you.


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Alexander Lechner

I’ve been in the startup ecosystem for over a decade now, wearing multiple hats from a software engineer and data scientist to a three-time startup founder – serving as a user researcher, CEO, and CTO. Achieving success in this realm is undeniably challenging, but if it were easy, everyone would do it.

My fascination lies in individuals who achieve extraordinary results against all odds. For inventors and pioneers like those behind the FIRST car, airplane, or self-landing rocket, the ultimate challenge is not the development of groundbreaking innovation but finding paying customers and sustaining a livelihood. This struggle is not exclusive to pioneers; it’s a universal challenge for startups.

I have experienced this challenge repeatedly until my mindset and worldview completely shifted:

»Love the problem, not the solution!«


Bring 23rd century innovation to the 21st century.


Turn any useful & crazy idea into a business.

Services / Use Cases

Clients have hired me for the following use cases

Product Strategy

Specify the key problem, the target customer, and their willingness to pay.

Product Development

Take a product from 0 to a successful market launch.

Customer Insights

Understand the real reason WHY your customers bought your product, as their reasons likely differ from your assumptions.

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